About Us

Tim Miner grew up hunting comics on the dingy floor of The Great Escape in Nashville, TN, thumbing through 25 cent boxes looking for Jack Kirby gold and daydreaming about making comics. It wasn’t until his two daugters, Grace (8) and Cate (7) asked him to start drawing with them and an old friend pushed him off the cliff was he inspired to stop thinking about making comics and actually start making them.

With the help of his parents, his very patient wife, Kim, (yes, their names ryhme) and good friends, Tim and his girls also startd www.5MinuteMarvels.com a sketchblog where they draw with each other and artists from around the world … 5 to 15 minutes at a time.

A graduate of Marywood University with a BA in Art Education, Tara Abbamondi is a cartoonist/comic-making lady. Married to writer/illustrator Paul Abbamondi, with whom she published the original graphic novel, The Stolen Lovelight, in 2012.

In 2011, Tara published Puddles, a mini-comic about a girl, a catfish and … well … magical puddles. She’s currently developing several new comic concepts in addition to Golden Rule, and contributing to several anthologies. When she’s not making comics, she … wait … she’s always making comics. Check out her amazing work  at www.tarabba.com


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