Creator Interviews

Interview with Jason Horn – 7/22/12
You hear this a lot, but Jason Horn is one of the nicest guys in comics. When you meet him, you know he has a true love of the medium and enjoys and telling fun tales with fun visuals. His signature Webcomic, Ninjasaur, about (you guessed it) a dinosaur ninja. Lately, the series has expanded in to time travel, paradoxes and hints of some really fun stories to come.  Jason is also self-publishing Gruff, a series about punishment and redemption place after the traditional Billy Goats Gruff. He is also seeking to fund a young adult novel called Kathryn the Chrononaut about a young inventor who promises her future self will visit her to prove she invents time travel. Read our interview with Jason here.

Interview with Kelly Thompson – 6/25/12
Kelly Thompson is a triple-threat — artist, critic and writer. A graduate of SCAD, Kelly is a columnist on Comics Should Be Good and several other blogs, a founder of the podcast, 3 Chicks Review Comics, author of the story “Superless Hero” in the inaugural volume of Womanthology and the writer of the novel, The Girl Who Would Be King. (Whew!) In addition to that, Kelly has mentored and encouraged countless comics creator and has earned a name for herself as a tireless champion of strong female characters in comics and pop culture. Read our interview with Kelly on her career and first Kickstarter project.

Interview with Janet K Lee – 6/21/12
After a successful career in publishing and a craft artist, Janet K. Lee was pulled into comics by her good friend, author Jim McCann. After being inspired by one of Janet’s homemade Christmas ornaments, Jim worked with Janet to create the amazing world of Anorev in Return of the Dapper Men in 2010. The first creator-owned comic for both of them, Dapper Men earned Jim and Janet an Eisner award and the opportunity to pursue comics illustration as a full-time career. Read our interview with Janet.


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